My Fairy King

My Fairy King es la cuarta canción del disco Queen.


Letras y música: Freddie Mercury
Arreglos: Freddie Mercury
Acreditada a: Freddie Mercury
Compás: 4/4
Influencias: El flautista de Hamelin, de Robert Browning
Género: Art rock


Producción: Queen, Roy Thomas Baker y John Anthony
Ingeniería de sonido: Roy Thomas Baker, Mike Stone, Ted Sharpe y David Hentschel
Mezclas: Mike Stone


Freddie Mercury - voz principal y piano
Brian May - guitarra eléctrica y acústica
Roger Taylor - batería, coros y gritos
John Deacon - bajo


Guitarra eléctrica Red Special
Guitarra acústica Hairfred
Batería Ludwig
Bajo Fender Precision
Piano de cola Bechstein


* Freddie adoptó su apellido artístico Mercury cuando escribió esta canción.

Versiones oficiales de la canción

1) Versión de estudio (4:08): Cuarta canción del disco Queen.

Letra de la canción

In the land where horses born with eagle wings
And honey bees have lost their stings
There's singing forever
Lions den with fallow deer
And rivers made from wines so clear
Flow on and on forever
Dragons fly like sparrows thru' the air
And baby lambs where Samson dares
To go on on on on on on

My fairy king can see things
He rules the air and turns the tides
That are not there for you and me
Oooh yeah he guides the winds

My fairy king can do right and nothing wrong
Then came man to savage in the night
To run like thieves and to kill like knives
To take away the power from the magic hand
To bring about the ruin of the promised land

They turn the milk into sour
Like the blue in the blood of my veins
Why can't you see it
Fire burning in hell with the cry of screaming rain
Son of heaven set me free and let me go
Sea turn dry no salt from sand
Seasons fly no helping hand
Teeth don't shine like pearls for poor man's eyes

Someone someone just drained the colour from my wings
Broken my fairy circle ring
And shamed the king in all his pride
Changed the wings and wronged the tides
Mother mercury mercury
Look what they've done to me
I cannot run I cannot hide

Video oficial para letra de la canción


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