The March of the Black Queen

The March of the Black Queen es la novena canción del disco Queen II.


Letras y música: Freddie Mercury
Arreglos: Freddie Mercury
Acreditada a: Freddie Mercury
Compás: 4/4


Producción: Queen, Roy Thomas Baker y Robin Geoffrey Cable
Ingeniería de sonido: Mike Stone
Mezclas: Mike Stone


Freddie Mercury - voz principal, coros y piano
Brian May - guitarra, coros y campanas tubulares
Roger Taylor - batería, coros y voz principal
John Deacon - bajo


Guitarra eléctrica Red Special
Batería Ludwig
Bajo Fender Precision
Piano Steinway
Campanas tubulares

Versiones oficiales de la canción

1) Versión de estudio (6:33): Novena canción del disco Queen II.

2) Versión del Deep Cuts (6:39): Aparece en el primer volumen (1973-1976) de Deep Cuts. Termina con el ahhh de Funny How Love Is a cappella.

Versiones oficiales de la canción (en vivo)

1) Versión del Live at the Rainbow - noviembre de 1974 (1:35): Disponible en el disco Live at the Rainbow '74.

Letra de la canción

Do you mean it do you mean it do you mean it
Why don't you mean it why do I follow you
And where do you go?
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
You've never seen nothing like it
No never in your life
Like going up to heaven
And then coming back alive
Let me tell you all about it
Oooh give me a little time to choose
Water babies singing in a lily pool delight
Blue powder monkeys praying in the dead of night
Here comes the Black Queen poking in the pile
Fi fo the Black Queen marching single file
Take this take that bring them down to size
March to the Black Queen

Put them in the cellar with the naughty boys
Little nigger sugar then a rub-a-dub-a baby oil
Black on black on every finger nail and toe
We've only begun, begun
Make this make that keep making all that noise
Oooh march to the Black Queen
Now I've got a belly full
You can be my sugar baby
You can be my honey chile

A voice from behind me reminds me
Spread out your wings you are an angel
Remember to deliver with the speed of light
A little bit of love and joy
Everything you do bears a will
And a why and a wherefore
A little bit of love and joy
In each and every soul lies a man
And very soon he'll deceive and discover
But even to the end of his life
He'll bring a little love

Ah ah ah ah ah
I reign with my left hand I rule with my right
I'm lord of all darkness I'm queen of the night
I've got the power now to do
The march of the Black Queen
My life is in your hands I'll fo and I'll fie
I'll be what you make me I'll do what you like
I'll be a bad boy I'll be your bad boy
I'll do the march of the Black Queen
Ah ah ah ah ah

Walking true to style she's vulgar abuse and vile
The Black Queen tattoos all her pies
She boils and she bakes
And she never dots her I's
La la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la

Forget your sing a-longs and your lullabies
Surrender to the city of the fireflies
Dance to the devil in beat with the band
To hell with all of you hand in hand
But now it's time to be gone
La la la la forever forever
Ah ah ah ah ah

Video oficial para letra de la canción


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